LERD is a holistic software development environment. Instead of describing algorithm via language LERD offers a powerful CAD WYSWYG design tool. Stop wasting your efforts to loading and running cryptic sources in your brain. Edit your program and instantly see how it works.

Key Features

Functional Reactive Programming

LERD takes best from Reactive and Functional programming paradigms

Reactive & Interactive programming

LERD designed with Reactive programing paradigm which means graph. Main editor window shows graph as a pipe and edits it as a generic text editor. Text and functions calls are shown in the same window with live execution arguments and results.


Conditions are implemented as layers. Each layer is linked to a pipe which defines if the layer changes are applied. Also layer can be shown/hidden via editor.

Dependency request

Pipe holds information how pipes are linked to each other. If pipe needs an input it asks itself, if nothing found it asks parent pipe, if parent pipe has nothing it asks another parent and so on.


Live IDE

Live IDE


Key features are implemented and published. Any feedback is highly anticipated, feel free to provide it. The next big milestone make LERD ready for real world application.

Next steps:
  • Version Control System
  • Iterator
  • Singleton pipe
  • Pipe multiple outputs
  • Improve condition editor
  • Usage/Dependencies navigator

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Serg Tyatin [email protected]
twitter: @2rbas